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Message from the President

Located in Anjo City, the heart of Aichi Prefecture, Anden has over 60 years of history in monozukuri, the art and science of manufacturing products. We have released a variety of products to the market. Relay and controller products for the car, in particular, have gained considerable trust from customers, and these products are the pillars of the Anden brand today.
Through decades of our monozukuri history, we know the impact that individual workers have upon quality. In order to exceed customer expectations and gain their trust, each and every member of the company must excel in their knowledge, skills, and expertise. But it is also the passion of individuals and close collaboration amongst involved members at each phase of the product development – whether it’s design, development, manufacturing, or service – that are crucial in making great products. This is why Anden places a great emphasis on human resource development.
We continue to expand our product development capability to improve the safety and comfort of cars. At the same time, we continue our never-ending pursuit of excellence in monozukuri technologies that are friendly to people and the environment. This is how Anden continues to grow as a global business.

Mitsunori Takao,President