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Commitment to Community

With the basic philosophy “to treasure natural resources and live in a symbiotic relationship with the community”, Anden participates in various activities to make continuous contributions to the community.


Clean-up Project

Both Anjo and Okazaki promote city-wide cleaning projects. As a member of these local communities, Anden management members volunteer to clean the streets and gutters near Anden offices. We contribute to the city’s beautification projects by cleaning the streets where the employees commute as well as the gutters around the company premises.

Communication with Local Community

Anden holds meetings with local resident groups and opens its facilities for plant tours to local elementary and junior high school students. By being open to the community and providing information about business as well as volunteer and green activities, Anden aims to gain the trust and respect of neighboring communities.

“Ao-Pato” Neighborhood Patrol

Anden members patrol the neighborhood in company cars as a part of the neighborhood watch program. A blue light is attached to the roof of the car during patrols, so the activity is called “Ao-Pato”, meaning blue patrol cars. Our goal is to protect the safety of residents – especially children – in the community.
Main patrol routes are employee parking lots, schools, parks, and residential areas near Anden sites.
Anden also periodically joins the police force, local resident groups, and the factory crime prevention association in large-scale community patrols.