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Commitment to Employees

Basic Philosophy

“Anden shall respect the lives and rights of its employees and provide a working environment where individuals can work with passion and enthusiasm” by:

  • maintaining and further improving the safety of the work environment,
  • having honest communication and discussions with employees to establish mutual trust and shared responsibility, and
  • providing fair working conditions and opportunities to a diverse group of workers.
    Respecting basic human rights, the business operations of Anden shall be free of forced and/or child labor.


Face-to-face Conversations with the President

    With the “Team Anden” concept, the employees have opportunities to speak face-to-face with the president. The discussion topics with the president range from the company’s expansion strategies and issues at workplace to individual performance targets. Through this initiative, Anden establishes good in-house communication as a corporate culture.

Stable Labor-Management Relationship

With mutual respect and shared responsibility, Anden management holds meetings with the labor union on a regular basis to discuss a variety of topics. Meeting sessions are also held by each section to discuss ways to improve the immediate working environment. At Anden, the management and employees work together for the growth of the company and the improvement of each individual workers’ quality of life.