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Comparison of Specifications

Model EE ED
Current Capacity V0-P= 12V V0-P= 12V
Current 70mA 50mA
Sound Pressure Level 91dB(A) 83dB(A)
Driving Frequency 2000Hz 2000Hz
Storage Temp. Range -40~85℃ -40〜85℃
Operation Temp. Range -40~85℃ -40〜85℃
Wiring Diagram

Vehicle Proximity Alert Device

Speaker Controller
Configuration Configuration
Rated Input 1W Power-supply Voltage DC12V
Output Sound Pressure 88dB W/m Input Signal Car Speed Signal, etc.
Distortion Rate 10% Sound Output 1W
Min. Resonance Frequency 600Hz Sound Control In compliance with the “Guidelines for Measures Taken for Hybrid and Other Near-silent Vehicles” issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan.
Nominal Impedance
Operation Temp. -30〜80℃ Operation Temp. -30~80℃
Storage Temp. -40〜85℃ Storage Temp. -40~85℃