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Our Company

Contributing to driving culture through "linking technologies"

Anden contributes to the advancement of driving culture through the design, development, and production of electrical and electronic automotive components that serve to link humans and automobiles.


Our Strengths

Playing a Central Role in the DENSO Group

This section describes Anden's strengths in terms of numbers, such as our annual production of approximately 400 million relays, which gives us the No. 1 share of the global automotive relay market.

At a Glance


A Lineup of World-Class Products

Anden products are used by auto manufacturers not only in Japan, but throughout the world as well.


Global Network

Anden Products Established Throughout the Global Market

Anden supports each country's driving culture with high-quality, low-cost electrical and electronic automotive components manufactured on regional production lines around the world.

Global Network


A Company Trusted by Society and the Community

Anden continues to develop our people-friendly and socially beneficial corporate activities, setting quality as the top priority in creating products, conducting environmental preservation programs, and instituting other initiatives.



A Unified Team Heading Into the Future

In a workplace where it's comfortable to work and where taking on challenges is encouraged, we are creating a better, more enjoyable driving culture. Won't you join us?


Precautions for DENSO automotive relays