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Anden's Policy on the Handling of Personal Information


At Anden Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Anden"), protecting all personal information is one of our most important responsibilities.
Anden has established a "Privacy Policy" as presented below, wherein we pledge to take appropriate measures to protect all personal information in our possession in accordance with Japanese laws, regulations, guidelines, as well as Anden's internal rules, to prevent unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, etc. of the personal information provided to us by our customers.
In order to further ensure that all personal information is secure, Anden employees receive training/education on handling such sensitive information.

Definition of Personal Information

The term "personal Information" in this Policy refers to any information which uniquely identifies an individual or information uniquely attached to an individual, such as the physical address, name, telephone number and e-mail address.

Collection of Personal Information

Personal information which Anden collects shall be information which customers provide or register voluntarily. Anden will collect personal information only to the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose, which will be explicitly disclosed to the customer. If you do not wish to provide or register the personal information we seek, you may decline to do so at your sole discretion. In such cases, you may not be able to access some of the services we offer which require personal information.

Purpose and Scope of Personal Information Usage

The personal information provided to Anden by customers is used for the purpose of answering questions and inquiries from the customer, performing the contract between the customer and Anden, and providing useful information regarding products and services to the customer.
In case the personal information is to be collected or used for other purposes, Anden will inform the customer or issue a public notice in advance to explain the purpose and method for which the personal information will be used.
Also the personal information may be used as a statistical data in forms where individuals are unidentifiable.

Nondisclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Anden will not disclose to third parties any personal information provided or registered to us, except for;
1. when we have your consent to disclose your personal information to a third party.
2. when your personal information must be disclosed to our group, partner, and affiliate companies or subcontractors with whom we have a confidentiality agreement in order to accomplish the purpose for which the personal information was collected as explained to you in advance (Example: Instructing a shipping service provider to ship your prize).
3. when your personal information has been processed into statistical data that will not disclose your identity (Example: the number of persons who applied for the prize by age group).
4. when a law requires disclosure.

Use of Direct Mail

Anden will not use any e-mail address, physical address, name, etc. provided to us, except for the circumstances described in the above paragraph, for any direct mailing activities without your consent.
Reference, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information
When you wish to refer to your personal information in our possession or to correct or delete such information, please contact us at the inquiry handling section shown below through the inquiry channel prescribed by Anden. After verification of the identity of the person making the request, Anden will disclose to you or correct or delete the information within a reasonable period of time.

Inquiry Handling Section

When you wish to refer to the personal information in our possession, please contact the section which has answered your inquiry. Or please contact the responsible section, which you are informed of when you provided your personal information.
Call us at +81-566-73-0022

Management of Personal Information

At Anden, the information and website administrators maintain strict management of all personal information which has been collected, and appropriate measures are taken to prevent unauthorized use, disclosure, or modification of the information. When specific terms of use are posted on Anden's website, such terms of use shall take precedence over this "Privacy Policy."

Use of Cookies

Some of Anden's websites may utilize cookies. Cookies represent a technology that allows selective presentation of information to specific individuals on our websites. A cookie is a set of data that may be sent from a website to a user's browser, and it may be stored in your system. You are able to set your browser to notify you when cookies are sent to your system and decide whether or not to accept them. You may not be able to use all the information when you do not accept the cookies.

Use of Log Information

When you visit Anden's website, the website records access log information such as the IP address which you use. This information is used to understand how Anden's website is used and will not be used to identify the user, except for when the page requires user authentication.

Other Understandings

Anden strives to protect your personal information; we cannot guarantee, however, the security of the information when it is being transmitted to us. You, as a user, must assume the responsibility for secure data transmission. We urge you to take due precautions regarding data security while connected to the Internet. This "Privacy Policy" may be changed by Anden at any time. In this case, the change will take effect when posted on Anden's website.

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